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    Lara bars....yes or no?

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    I treat myself to a Lara Bar once every couple weeks. My favorite is the peanut butter cookie flavor. Prior to becoming primal I considered it a healthy snack due to its few simple ingredients and would consume one daily. After I adopted the PB lifestyle I eliminated all processed and packaged foods as well as cut back on carbs. I know snacking is frowned upon in the PB community the Lara Bar (weighing in at 24 carbs ....all from fruit and nuts) an acceptable treat/snack in the PB community?

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    I think they're fine. They're just dense nut and fruit, sometimes with a bit of chocolate. If you tolerate them and they don't hinder goals, they're fine IMO.
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    With a little googling I'd say they seem quite ok. Except for the once with peanuts in them. It's not the worst thing you can do. But the larabars without peanuts seem perfectly within PB, so if it's an acceptable trade of I'd go for one without the legumes and not worry at all.

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    I’ll eat one occasionally (because they are delicious). I used to eat them as a snack but nowadays it’s an infrequent treat. Just stay away from the ones with chocolate chips because they have sugar in them. Do a search. There have been a lot of threads on this forum about Larabars.
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    I look at those bars and immediately think "I'll need to eat a whole box in order to be satisfied." They are tiny. They taste alright. All bars piss me off due to the unsatisfactory feeling I get post consumption.

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    I just discovered the ones with the chocolate least they don't have wheat in them. A half of one would be enough to satify a brownie craving.

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    As long as they fit into your overall calorie goals, they're fine. I would pair them with low-level cardio activity, personally. They're very calorically dense, so I'd keep them away from sedentary days, and the high fat content would keep them out of my diet for lifting days, but if you're going hiking, doing a cancer walk or super long bike ride or something where you're burning a lot of fat for fuel, they're a great energy boost. Just note they're very high in omega 6 polyunsaturated fat - though it is a natural, unprocessed source with the proper accompanying antioxidants - so keep that in mind.
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    They're my equivalent to candy bars. I absolutely LOVE the cherry pie bar.

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    They're probably the best "bar" out there. I eat one or two per week, usually when I'm hungry but don't need an actual meal. They don't satisfy when you eat them, but 10 minutes later the edge is off. I don't consider them health food, but neither are they actively "bad" for you.
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    i used to love the cashew cookie one

    havent had a larabar in a long time, but they used to be somewhat of a staple for me

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