OK, so Im pretty sure Im doing things right. Ive read Marks books, articles on this forum etc etc and feel Ive got the diet part right. Im losing weight and keeping my carbs at 25 a day max.
So, why do I feel so sick and tired?
Im three weeks in now and my energy did seem better at first but now its really low. So intense is the tiredness I am forced to have a sleep in the afternoon, but still sleep like a log at night.
This constant feeling of a sickly stomach is not nice either. Is this solely because I am not used to such a high fat diet? After all, Ive been on a low fat low calorie diet for years!!

Any sensible replies would be gratefully accepted, but please dont tell me to read things Ive already read. If there was anything that answered this question I would have found it by now. Im all read out!!!
Thank you.