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    Started going primal about 3 weeks ago! I feel great! I am a student athlete so I do eat a bit more carbs then the avg. primal goer. I eat about 8 eggs a day (omlets with alot of veggies are my fav!) Eat big ass salad everyday and eat meat almost every night (wish it was grass fed but i'm a poor college kid). I also eat a lot of nuts and a protein shake every day. Up until about a week ago I started getting canker sores.

    I have had a problem with canker sores my whole life. I was even hospitalized last year because they spread to the back of my throat and couldn't eat or drink for 3 days. The docs ran all there tests and everything came up normal. I have seen many specialists and nothing they have done has worked for me.

    Before I went primal i had about 3 canker sores in the past year (since i was hospitalized which was Jan 09.). I was eating CW foods. My body felt great the first couple weeks but lately my mouth has been so dry at night i have had to wake up and get water. And came the canker sores. One on the bottom lip and a couple on the tip of my tongue. These are SO painful.

    Any help would be great to try and figure this out! Thanks

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    Have you cut out all gluten-containing products? People who are gluten-intolerant often get canker sores. There is a lot of hidden gluten out there. What is in your protein shakes? Nuts are often contaminated with gluten as well.

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    Are you particularly stressed or exhausted? I've always struggled with canker sores, especially back in college. I still get them now when I don't get enough sleep or am overworked. It seems to me that it is something that attacks when my immune system is run down. Do you take vitamin D? That has done wonders for my immunity this year and I've not had any canker sores.

    By the way, I started getting them as a kid whenever I visited my grandma and drank pop and ate cookies nonstop, so sugar seems to play a crucial role as well. I still think it was just that sugar ran down my immune system, but you may check to see if anything you are regularly eating (maybe the protein shake?) has sugar in it.

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    Chad - I can sympathize. I used to get canker sores all the time and carried a bottle of Anbesol or numbing agent almost all the time experiencing a similar situation to you. I can't say exactly what turned it around, but a better combination of foods must have helped in the process.

    What I learned is this: I have a lysine deficiency, so I started taking that at each meal. What's odd is that if you are ingesting Primal amounts of protein, this should not be occurring. In addition, check the acidity level of your foods. Too much tomato, orange, etc. could also be contributing to this. Finally, as mentioned, is stress. That will really increase the occurrences.

    Monitor your stress levels, perhaps even journal it to help keep track. Look more at your food choices as well, perhaps more indepth, to ensure you're not sneaking something in. I'll be curious to see if any of this helps you or if you find another solution.

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    I get them due to stress. Canker sores and itchybumps on my right wrist (never anywhere else). Does your toothpaste of sodium laurate in it? That might be a contributing factor.

    Clove oil will help numb the pain.

    You can try using a cider vinegar and salt rinse a few times a day. Or an anti-bacterial mouthwash like Listerine.

    Baking soda or alum applied dierectly to the sore will burn like a mother for a few minutes but seems to cure them faster.

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    I don't get canker sores very often, but when I do it's after eating a lot of vegetable protein. When I was taking amino acids as supplements I had a lot of trouble with them. It's been awhile, but I think arginine was the worst, and lysine the counterbalance.

    Perhaps check and see if your protein shake has soy protein in it. Whey might work better for you.

    Lysine, take lots of lysine.

    Cooking with coconut oil might help. It's good to help deal with infections. If I remember the theory right, the bugs think that the good coconut oil should make nice little membranes around them to hide inside, but coconut oil is so readily metabolized that the body can eat the shells right off the bugs, leaving them naked and embarrassed -- or something to that effect.

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    First, "Proximity in time does not equal causation." It's human nature to equate two events, but please don't do so. When I started paleo/primal in the beginning of the summer, my left knee gave out on me big time for a long time. This was after a number of years w/o any significant problem, just the occasional "ka-boing." Did paleo/primal have something do to with it? It was tempting to think so, but I knew my protein levels were great and that the eliminated carbs have no constructive value.

    The months went by and it got better and better and today is back to no pain at all, ever. I expect the occasional "ka-boing" but that's a small price compared to almost dropping to the ground with that sudden bolt.

    Way back my local in-laws had a little bottle of carbolic acid. It had a solid glass dropper, and one drop of that stuff on a canker sore chemically cauterized it! Painful for the moment, but then fixed. As there were about four or five families in the group, the bottle would make the rounds. "Anyone know who has the carbolic acid?" was a common question.

    That was when I was in my early twenties. I seem to have outgrown them or something.

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    @piano_doctor_lady: I don't get canker sores often either, very rarely infact but I have about 2 now and I was wondering why. I've been having lentils almost everyday for the last week (er, I've fallen off the wagon a bit). Vegetable protein sounds like a plausible reason fro mine.

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    I suffer from them too, often in the throat as well. As others noted L-Lysine may help. If the sore is easily accessible, applying styptic powder can help with the pain and help it heal faster.

    At someone's suggestion here, I upped my fish oil consumption to 3 grams a day, and haven't had one in over a month. Going that long between sores is unusual for me, but not unheard of. Another month or two without, and I'll be a believer.

    Also, what's your alcohol consumption like? I find that's the number one trigger for mine.

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    Are you taking Vitamin D and a fish oil? Both help with the immune system and help with stress. Not like you're under stress being a student.

    The sores can be an immune response to just about anything. It can be caused by your tooth paste (SLS is a common ingredient in the pastes, people with skin conditions react commonly to this product).

    If I were you, I would start a food diary. Note what you eat along with your moods, eruptions of the sores and any other skin ailment that may be going on (where there is smoke....).

    If you don't notice a pattern you can try an elimination diet.

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    Rough start due to major carb WD.

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    Sat/Sun=Yard/house work, chasing kids, playing
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