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Thread: Do you have a forum crush?

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    Do you have a forum crush?

    I wanted to post this earlier in the week in the spirit of Valentine's Day, but work was so busy and I haven't used the computer much at night this week. I know V-Day is over, but I'm going to post it anyway.

    Is there a member of the forum whose posts you enjoy and look forward to reading? I admit I ♥ tfarny

    I like to read all his posts and usually find what he has to say spot on. I also miss his "Bill Murray-like picture.

    Ok, fess up.....I can't be the only person who has a favorite poster on the forum.

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    I enjoy ChocoTaco's posts. And I know I am not alone, haha. He brings up great arguments, presents meticulously tracked exercise/nutrition data, and posts awesome recipes.

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    Gay Panda, canio6, Geostump, bloodorchid, skink531, quelsen, Pebbles67, saoirse, and several of the old crowd that don't show up much anymore. I'm sure there are others that I can't think of off the top of my head. I'll add them as I remember.
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    I was going to say tfarny, too. And quelsen.
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    tfarney, quelsen, patrick, gay panda, chocotaco, hallowprince...
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    I wouldn't call them crushes per say. GP is def a crush in an admiring kind of way. Drssgchic and fpsjosh01 are my journal buddies since they are the most frequent posters in mine and I subscribe to theirs. But there are a ton of other people whose posts I love to read.
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    Rivivin, Geostump, Quelsen, Paleobird, Canio6, MamaGrok, Glamormama
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    LOL @ dado and tfarny, those guys are big government loving socialists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grok View Post
    LOL @ dado and tfarny, those guys are big government loving socialists.
    The ladies love a nice latte in a volvo on the way to the Michael Moore flick! If you recycled more, maybe you could get some love too Grok! Though when it all comes crashing down next year and you're the only one with any gold Glenn Beck coins in your bunker, I'm sure you'll be popular..... Kidding please don't respond on this sweet thread.

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    Hanging out here for a few months has been interesting, getting to know the personalities :P

    Rivvin for his comic relief, though he doesn't post much now; Dado for his simplicity and getting to the point.

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