Hello all, big first post

First you'll probably be wondering about me: Alex, 22, female, from Queensland, approx. 96kg, 166cm. I have muscle, but it's covered in a layer of fat, especially around my middle

Secondly, you're probably curious as to the reasons behind my topic title. Instead of having a weightloss goal, a fitness goal, a bodyfat goal (although they are important, they are not be-all end-all goals), my ULTIMATE goal, my life's goal, is to become an Officer of the Australian Army. A fit, capable leader of our troops. The leadership is there, the fitness, not so much. It is my belief that I have stumbled upon the perfect way for me to optimize my body to take on the challenges of the army.

So, Why Primal?
I've tried low fat, low carb, high protein, big breakfast, big dinner, diet shakes, acai berries, etc etc etc. In my opinion, they're just not sustainable in the long term. I lose maybe 15-20kg, but soon see it bouncing back on as my concentration and dedication lapses.

I like exercising. I play soccer, I walk with my dog, I love lifting weights. I do not enjoy long bouts of cardio. I could never enjoy running a marathon or a half-marathon. I am however very keen to try run a Tough Mudder. And while I enjoy my exercise, my diet holds me back.

I'm looking forward to beginning my new lifestyle, embracing my 100 000 year old self. It just makes sense. I hope I'll have lots of encouragement here as I strive towards my life goal And as there's really no point starting on a Monday, awakening of Grok begins tomorrow!