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Thread: 'Diabetic effect' in dolphins offers new hope for type 2 diabetes cure

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    "Dolphins are the only animals apart from humans to develop a natural form of type 2 diabetes, according to new research. The discovery offers important insights into a disease that is linked to one in 20 deaths.

    American scientists have discovered that bottlenosed dolphins show a form of insulin resistance very similar to that seen in human diabetes. Unlike patients with the condition, the marine mammals can turn this state on and off when appropriate, so it is not normally harmful..."

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    There's probably no need to discover the human "on/off" switch - we already have! It's called eating the correct diet.

    "While humans and dolphins aren’t closely related, both have big brains and blood cells that can carry large amounts of glucose. A similar diabetic “switch” may lurk in the physiology of humans, Venn-Watson said. Several years ago scientists J. Brand Miller and Stephen Colagiuri proposed that before the ice age, the human diet was rich in carbs, but when the freeze came, humans may have switched to a diet high in protein. “Basically everything with lots of carbs froze,” said Venn-Watson. In this environment, evolution may have favored insulin resistance to keep glucose available for the brain."

    So, in other words, just eat like a dolphin, or a primal human, and you won't suffer the effects of diabetes.

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