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    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn Grokker View Post
    I've switched from Whipping Cream to Coconut milk in my coffee and it has helped big time!
    Sounds like it's a dairy thang!

    Does this pain return eating any other dairy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by patski View Post
    Sounds like it's a dairy thang!

    Does this pain return eating any other dairy?
    Remember too that a lot of whipping cream has junk ingredients. You probably check labels, but if you don't, you may be surprised to find that common whipping cream contains sweeteners, preservatives, and emulsifiers. This goes for pretty well any of the big brands.

    Our whipping cream is single ingredient (cream) and unhomogenized, from an Organic source with cows mostly grass fed in the grazing season. DH doesn't have any problems now. It was bugging his stomach area and throat when he had grocery store junk.

    Just something to consider.
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    No other dairy does it, I make my own yogurt from whole organic milk and I eat cheese regularly, so maybe it is the preservatives and extra ingredients--I've slacked on being really good at label reading.....all I know is I'm one week pain free and after 5 months of pain, that is great!

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    As far as I know the liver does not hurt. I have the same pain that you describe for over 2 years now. On and off from couple of seconds to couple of minutes. I was told by doctors that it can be a spastic gallbladder due to inflammation, sand or gallstones. Never confirmed in my case because I didn't do any ultrasound.

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    I know its been months and months since anyone wrote in this tread but I want to chip in. Since I went primal my liver has complained bitterly. I do this thing, nervous twitch with my eyes that somehow affects my liver function. Increased fat and indeed heavy cream are prime triggers for excruciating pain.

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    Double cream causes eye tics for me, I think I mentioned it on here ages ago.

    Nearly ruined my Christmas! Back to black coffee now too...

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    I just wanted to chime in on this thread.

    I've been paleo/primal/bulletproof for just over a year and have lost substantial weight and feel so much fitter and healthier.

    I did an 'event' a couple of weeks ago - 600m swim followed by a 2.5km run. Not a major event but a fun challenge for a middle aged bloke. During the run I started to get a feeling like a dull stitch on my right-hand side, just below the rib cage. I kept going but definitely didn't feel happy. I haven't been doing a lot of running the past 6 months or so, mainly focussing on strength training and some swimming. I did a bit of running in the few weeks leading up to it to get some miles on my legs.
    The day of the race I had a bulletproof coffee (coffee, butter, MCT, coconut oil) for breakfast and another one about 4 hours later. My plan was to be fat-fueled for the race. I drink one bulletproof coffee every day, but not two so this was new.

    So since then I have felt something 'not quite right' below my rib cage, to the right of my abdomen. I can feel like a bit of pressure. When I prod around sometimes I feel a squeeze and maybe a pressure release. This weekend I basically haven't eaten just to see if that helps reset things. Not sure yet.

    I suspect it's something gall bladder related but not sure what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jo View Post
    Since they found something unusual about your liver maybe see if there are any toxins in your environment. My first thoughts are obviously alcohol and fructose which can overwork the liver. Also avoid painkillers like ibuprofen. Avoid tap water (in hot drinks as well). Just a few things that cross my mind right now. What was your cholesterol like? High LDL can be a sign of liver problems too.
    Paracetamol use is linked to liver damage.
    Though they are now finding long term ibuprofen use to kidney damage.

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