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Thread: Health Check invite

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    Health Check invite

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    At the ripe old age of 42 I have been invited to my Doctors surgery for a free health screening. As you all know part of the screening is that they check your cholestrol levels. Well Im sure being Primal mine may be high. I want to go in there prepared when I return for the results, so the question is what can I fire back at them when they give me my results of a high levels, if they are high. I know I need to ask are they high levels of HDL or SDL's.I know high HDL is good. But is there any other breakdown I can ask them. Can you have high SDL and still be in good shape but its the total breakdown of the results I need to hopefully have them with not one bad words they can fire back at me.

    any thoughts would be great from those who know all about this subject

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    hey viking999

    I had a similar question before I too went to have cholesterol and general health screen this summer. I wanted a plan and a response and to be ready for battle!!

    But I really was helped by some other peoples responses here; which was to avoid trying to convince your CW dr. that you are *right* and they are *wrong*. I don't think thats what you want to do but believe me, I understand the want to shake them up a wee bit, right? wink wink.

    Anyway, I found that when I clearly stated to my Dr. that I eat like "they've all been suggesting forever; more veggie and fruit and near zero processed" she actually acted like it was her idea that i was losing weight! It was hilarious! And I clarified that I only use coconut oil, butter and olive oil for cooking.

    I would suggested that you ask for the hyper-detailed cholesterol test, breaking it all down beyond simply HDL/LDL/TRIG (you can argue that you just want a complete picture). And IF they squawk about higher numbers, tell them you would like a retest in 6 months. And ask them what they are worried about so when you come back later, you can already know what kind of things they consider red-flags and you'll be prepared with specific answers.

    The best advice I got was not to give the way I eat a "name" because most Dr's just turn-off their hearing at that point and wave it off as a fad.

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    Thanks for the tip spk! Not sure what you mean by Hyper-detained whats involved with that? well gping to see them soon well when I get around to it,


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