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Thread: anxious Newby

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    anxious Newby

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    I'm new to PB. This is day 4 and the usual carb flu migraine.. The only way I ever lose weight is by being low carb, but I have one worry which has stood in my way in the past when I was on Atkins and subsequently had to give it up- Anxiety. 4 weeks into Atkins, I was rushed to hospital with a severe anxiety attack(first ever). I have been hospitalised 3 times since, undergone stress tests, the works.. there is nothing wrong with my heart. I am now on fluoxitine(like prozac) and beta blockers to keep it in check(but I was still experiencing mild attacks whilst on a low carb diet). Since re-introducing carbs into my diet, the attacks have diminished. I am trying PB as I'm allowed more fruit on this diet, and hence, more carbs, which, I believe, is needed in cases such as mine. I'm really hoping to find a way to be low carb AND angst free one day. Unfortunately, I have read a similar story on this forum, which is a bit disheartening, but I'm going to give it a go with loads of fruit and see how I get on! Hopefully PB will be my salvation! Has anybody on here experienced similar and have managed to overcome it?


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    Instead of trying to be low-carb, try low-toxin. Cut the wheat and other grains, stay far away from bad oils, but keep sweet potatoes, potatoes, fruit, maybe even some white rice. If you have a higher carb intake, you definitely want to be lifting heavy things, though.

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    Primal is not necessarily low carb. If you do about 100 grams/day, you should lose fat and avoid panic. You don't have to do weights or other exercise to eat that many carbs. But they are good to do. Experiment. Find how many carbs are right for you.
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