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Thread: help me out for a Primal 21st birthday!

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    help me out for a Primal 21st birthday!

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    born on valentines day so I have some drinking to do. i need some primal drinks so i don't go off the wagon! I got some gluten free beer to start but the celebration is at Killarneys. any ideas?

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    it's your 21st birthday. just go celebrate.

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    Yeah I wouldn't limit anything! You only turn 21 once. If you like good beer, drink up and enjoy yourself. Just don't drive and get home safely. Drinks lots of water before bed. Sometimes you just have to let go and have fun all the way. This is one of those times. Happy birthday BTW!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    it's your 21st birthday. just go celebrate.
    seriously, skip the gluten if it will make you feel better, but primalrob has this one in proper perspective!

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    Like others have said, just indulge if you really want to. If not, it seems like you're in good shape with the non-gluten beer.
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