So, I accidentally on purpose ate some ice cream at work today, where custom has it that if it is your birthday you have to bring ice cream, and it always seems to be someone's birthday. Being late to the party after riding my bike around town in the snow and cycling across a frozen pond in the park at great personal risk and buying some belly pork form the meat counter a the supermarket for lunch, when I got back there was only half-melted vanilla left: Häagen-Dazs® | Products | Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream | Details: Vanilla

Check out the ingredients: "Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Egg Yolks, Natural Vanilla."

If you are going to eat ice-cream, this has to be the perfect mass-market one. So long as you don't make a habit of it the sugar is the worst of it, at about 20% by weight. (They talk about 21g of sugar per 106g serving). Skimmed milk is a bit dubious, but as commercial ice creams go this is all very tame and palatable.

Just thought I would share, anyway.