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Thread: Saturated Fats in Grain-fed Meat page

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    I keep playing around with my diet. I have been since I started primal/paleo eating 6 months ago. I'm curious about the saturated fat vs. monounsaturated fat ratios in grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef...Is the balance different? Does this have to do with the o-3/o-6 ratios, or is that a whole different thing?

    When I had a greater abundance of monounsaturated fats, (I wasn't eating beef/steak/pork at the time) my skin and hair was healthier. Once my saturated fat intake started taking over, things weren't as pretty anymore.... I'm thinking of giving up my grain-fed ribeye and bacon... Ohhhh, sad...

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    Here is a link to a fatty acid analysis of grass-fed beef chuck from Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats:

    Oleic acid is the largest single constituent, comprising 33% of the fat.

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