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    Quote Originally Posted by Cave Bird View Post
    OK i'm at work, and have no oil here, but I just tried this with water while sitting at my desk. I wanted to see if I could swish something in my mouth for 20 mins and if I noticed a difference. I got about 10 mins in and had to spit it out, but I noticed that my teeth looked really clean! I think there is something to all that swishing, I can't wait to try it with coconut or sesame oil!

    If you use coconut oil, isnt it solid when you put it in your mouth? or does it melt when you start the swishing?
    I think you are onto something there. I really think that swishing anything like that would be good for you. A dentist friend of mine said that the thing he would recommend if he were not getting free samples of mouthwash from several companies is simple saline water.

    I'm not saying the oil is bad for you , in fact CO is very healthy as a part of the diet, but I don't think it is doing anythign magical to the teeth. I think it's the swish.

    Quote Originally Posted by little vase View Post
    Has anyone else done this with CO right before bed and then not been able to go to sleep? I've done lots of oil pulling in the past but always with sesame oil. Last night I did CO for the first time and couldn't go to sleep for hours. I was SO pumped. Almost jittery.
    That's the MCT's metabolizing away.

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    Oil pulling with coconut oil really made a difference in the whiteness of my theres def something to it.

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    I always thought this was interesting, but I'm not comfortable with the prolonged contact of the oil with the lining of my mouth. Not sure why, just doesn't seem like something I want to do. And all that sesame or coconut oil has got to get pricey along with the toothpaste needed to brush it out.

    But it did make me think that good oral rinses with water are a good idea. I keep a glass of water on my night stand; and every time I wake up and my mouth doesn't feel clean or fresh, I swish a mouth full of water for a few minutes and spit into the sink. I do the same thing when I get out of bed.

    My mouth feels so much cleaner in the morning, no more feeling like my teeth are wearing fuzzy little sweaters. And I think the nightly and morning rinses have to get rid of toxins I would otherwise swallow. And tap water is like, free.

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    I've been oil pulling for about a week and a half now. My teeth are a little whiter. I also have a temporary filling that started falling apart (not caused by oil pulling) and I didn't oil pull one day. My tooth really started to hurt. I resumed oil pulling and it keeps the inflammation at bay. I go Thursday to fix the filling, btw.

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    I wonder if this has anything to do with the flora in your mouth

    Maybe you're feeding the good bacteria with all that fat and it reproduces to a higher level that helps them kill the sugar-based bacteria, which then in turn reduces plaque, etc etc

    Just a random thought at 3am...

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    I just tried this. 20 minutes wasn't as difficult as I thought. I had some coconut oil, but I'm curious to try the...sesame oil, was it? I just changed dentists, and was a little concerned about some gum recession. (The old dentist was tracking it, so was used to it.) I'm hoping this oil pulling will keep things healthy.

    (Anybody have gums improve--rather than just not worsen--with this regimine?)
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