Quest for Happiness

now there will be other post on there about me fixing up my car/jeep and also about my nerdiness stuff of building computers creatively...

but this is my newest thing...i'm going to try monthly challenges, one to keep myself focus and honest...but also to kick start the rest of my primal life. i started getting info from my cousin about 2.5 years ago...and i was still CW all over! but after months of him talking and seeing awesome results and my own research...i gave it a try.

well first year (around 9 months i guess) i did loose about 75 pounds. was feeling better than ever, went from a tight 42in pant to a normal wearing 34in pants. felt awesome, could do a pull up or two or three!

well this last year has been stressful and i just didn't make the time, my wife was craving carbs so i would give in here and there and make excuses. didn't really put on a lot of weight. i am probably around 225-230 right now...but my 34in pants are tight...plus i just wasn't feeling as good...

well now this year, i have a new job. lot less stress due to it! plus there is a weight room on campus that i can use, so once/twice a week i will go there after work and lift heavy things! woot!

so my first challenge is to drop diet soda's. i'm seeing how much bloat they cause and will try to report it as well as possible.

second month? not sure yet, will take suggestions!