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Thread: Having another bash at lo-carb

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    Having another bash at lo-carb

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    Yes, I know primal is about more than lo-carb. But - having another bash.

    Your location: Canberra, Australia
    Age (If you want): 45
    How Primal are you: Too early to tell
    Do you consume dairy: butter
    Do you drink coffee or tea: lots of coffee. Artifical sweetener.
    Motivator for switching to Primal: Fat and unfit. Want to get laid. Am ashamed of what an effort it is to tie my shoes. Would love sleep normally and get into work at a sensible hour.

    Today is day 2. Or 3? Way too early to answer most of those questions, regardless. Breakfast: 2 eggs, so-called "free range" which is marginally better than cage eggs. Butter. S&P. Dinner: 250g of roo. Oh, there's also some macadamia & cashew mix in there, and an orange. Might go a bit of mixed salad greens at some point in the near future.

    (As an aside: roo is hunted, not farmed. It's just about as primal as you can get down the local supermarket. Very lean - it can take a lot of butter.)

    The main, #1 benefit will come from ending my six-pack-an-evening beer habit - to the degree that if it all clicks together for me, it will be hard to say that it was being primal, specifically, that did the trick. I have extra motivation ATM, being on antibiotics for an unrelated condition for the next week.

    The next most important thing, I think, is the exercise. A few years ago I spent an hour a day at the gym on an elliptical machine for six months. It worked, kinda sorta. But 10-20 minutes a day of pushup, pullup, plank and squat sounds so much more sensible.

    Digital devices is a big issue. My sleep schedule is insane.

    Got a blood test back today. Liver and kidneys ok, glucose ok, elevated triglycerides, not enough vitamin D. Considering how I live, it could be heaps worse than just "pale and overweight". Good genes.

    Only thing I've really noticed so far is not being hungry without eating rice/pasta until my belly feels full. I sort of don't know what to make of it - not full, but the idea of more food turns me off. Damn weird.

    A bit lightheaded, a little headachy, could be coming off the glucose, could be this thing that I am on antibiotics for. Maybe I'm just not drinking enough water.

    We'll see what happens.
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