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Thread: Reducing hair shedding?

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    I also forgot to add, I feel the thing that REALLY helped me was supplementing with B-100 complex and biotin every day. I strongly feel that hair loss is not natural, and is caused by hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues and malnutrition. My father is a prime example. His entire family is bald, yet he's never lost a hair in his life. He's 53 and has a child's hairline with a 2.5" forehead. It looks weird. His regimen was totally different than the family - he's always been into lifting weights and bought into the "vitamin craze" back in the 70's when he was a teen. He's been taking multivitamins and B-complex since he was a kid, well before anyone was taking that stuff. Miraculously, he "beat his genetics". I credit the chronic elevated testosterone from lifting and lots of B-vitamins, which his side of the family and their pasta-heavy diet were clearly deficient in. My hairline wasn't good when I was 19 (a blame a lot of it on Acutane), but since I've changed my diet and been supplementing with B-vitamins, I've seen a big recovery. I've had a proceeding hairline for about 3 years.
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    When your hair is 3 feet long, shedding the average 50-100 hairs a day means more than 150 feet of hair! I don't shed anywhere near that much, but it's still a lot of hair ruining my vacuum and clogging my shower. I eat carbs every day.
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    I have started to shed like crazy too :/ for past month i was upping my cals and carbs to fix metabolism and noticed my hair so thick and growing fast. But past few days have been seeing small handfuls of hair coming out I am hoping that it means new growth but am not sure. This is the one drawback i see to low carb. I think Chocotaco makes some good points. I am going to play around w/ eating a little more carbs here and there, maybe like cycling but not get crazy about it and make it more whole foods / fruits / vegg avoiding grains and sugar / processed foods. The iodine is a good call too.... I am also taking Maca root for a few months which quickly regulated my cycle (i was skipping my TOM's for first time in my life after going through a really stressful period)... Will report back

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    Maca root can suppress thyroid function, be careful with that.
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    It is normal for a large weight loss to be accompanied by an extended hair shed. I knew a woman with very long hair who lost over 100 pounds on weight watchers and ended up with shoulder-length hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    It is normal for a large weight loss to be accompanied by an extended hair shed. I knew a woman with very long hair who lost over 100 pounds on weight watchers and ended up with shoulder-length hair.
    This. As Choco is fond of pointing out, it's not about the carbs it's about the calories.

    Also, Choco, "carb phobia" and "carbohydrate nazism"? Again? Really? Boy you like that hobby horse.

    As J Stanton put it recently in a blog post:
    "For example, we have the ongoing Potato Wars: some people (often the young, male, and/or athletic) radically improve their performance and mood by increasing their starch intake, while others (often older and/or female) find that there’s no such thing as a “safe starch”.

    While I personally consume an approximately Perfect Health Diet level of starch, and I view their recommendations as an excellent baseline for beginning your own experimentation, I’m also an athletic male who has never been fat—so I don’t feel the need to evangelize my own potato consumption to those with a radically different hormonal environment.

    Frankly, I find the religious fervor somewhat disturbing—and I can’t resist the observation that (with the exception of Paul Jaminet, whose sense of humor still slays me every time) the most vocal proponents of high starch intake tend to be somewhat…starchy. Lighten up! There’s no Low Carb Mafia enforcer waiting to assassinate you, and the Low Carb Boogeyman isn’t going to pop out from under your bed and force-feed you with butter until the Ketostix turn purple." (full post :GNOLLS.ORG - Home of J. Stanton and The Gnoll Credo)

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    Topical caffeine(mix coffee with water and alcohol), copper peptides, apple polyphenols, and cytomel. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of carbs helps too.
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    I started losing hair after going low carb.

    My body seems sensitive to changes, especially my hormones (so hair too), and I think going from super high carb, Pasta, rice, bread postoes, to lots of fat (81%), meat and just a few carbs from fruits...was a shock to my body.

    I did not even know I was eating low carb really...but my thyroid also started acting up again and my liver enzymes were very elevated, I was tired, had acne and PMS and shed a lot of hair. I increased my carbs to 150-180g a day, and all of my problems subsided or at least bettered.

    I am still losing more hair than normal, probably 60* strands a day instead of 20, but at least I am not going bald and have some more time to sort things out.

    I agree with choco taco, that hormonal imbalances are the main cause for hair problems. Since January, I have been taking supplements to get my hormones sorted out, whith much success.
    Even before switching back to more carbs, they greatly reduced my acne, my PMS was almost gone after one month, and I shed less hair. I am taking burdock root (cleanses the blood), milk thistle (detoxes the liver), vitex (for pituitary gland) and DIM , diindolylmethane to remove bad estrogens and raise progesterone in turn.
    I have also been reading a lot of good things about Calcium D Glucarate. Last but not least, I am sure to supplement with vitamin D (5000IU) and iron, since I am unable to absorb enough from diet (or sun Vit D).

    *there have been a lot of new studies saying one should not lose more than 60 hairs a day. Personally, I believe that is even a bit high but I agree that one will not go bald losing 60 hairs a day. I think shedding around 20-40 would really be ideal though.
    I see too many people with unexplained strong taper (thinning down the lengths) in long hair, and trouble growing hair long because of it, and I just don't think it should be the norm (I'm in hair care, not a stylist though).
    Currently eating strict Paleo, no rice or potatoes. I want to increase carbs and make sure my ratio of carbs, protein and fat is right for me.
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    Hey... I'm going to pitch in with calories re: weight loss.
    Also watch your iron and vitamin B... get tested for anemia.
    Hormonal issues play a definite role in hair loss, however being primal has done nothing but improve my hormonal state... it took a bit of time to even out though.

    I've been LFHC for 9months or so (I was high carb Primal previously) and every time I see my hair stylist for the past 6 months or so she remarks on how shockingly fast my hair grows (I have to schedule my color sessions sooner than most people due to faster growth), and that my hair "seems to be getting thicker and thicker with every appointment" (she just said that last Saturday).

    Yep. I'm low carb and my hair isn't falling out.
    I also have a medical condition that I have to take a medication for, and have to get my C02 tested every couple of months... it's never low which another thing often part of HFLC fear mongering.

    It's fast weight loss from too low caloric intake that some people experience(and too low caloric intake in general), and even try for, that IMO causes the problems that people ascribe to eating HFLC, not HFLC itself that causes the problems.
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    I highly recommend carb cycling/carb re-feeds for people who have problems with excessive hair shedding, but prefer to eat VLC diet.

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