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Thread: New to MDA :) from Charlotte, NC

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    Feb 2012
    North Carolina

    New to MDA :) from Charlotte, NC

    Hi I am Michelle. I am not new to Paleo/Primal but I am new to this forum. I am SO happy to find you all.

    I started day 2 of a Leptin Reset today. Adjusting to the changes -
    I am fighting leaky gut and some hormone issues too.

    I live in the Charlotte, NC area. It is great that pasture eggs, grassfed beef and tons of other PB goodies are so readily available.

    I am married with 4 kids. They are about 80-90% Paleo. It cycles for them depending on the week.

    I am so glad to be here and I look forward to learning with you all.

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    Feb 2012
    Hey, first post here. I've been checking the site for the past month or so of going as strict paleo (80/20, usually) as possible and decided to go ahead and join the forums today. Nice to find some others close in the area. Where do you usually source your eggs/meat from? Been to Atherton or the Regional Farmer's Market?

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    Indian Trail, NC
    Also a Charlottean...born and raised (rare). I went strictly Primal about a year ago. Took some time off due to a job I was doing where I needed to carb up so I didn't pass out. Back on the Primal lifestyle again.

    I would also like to know if anyone has found a place to get local range/grass fed.

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    Granite Falls, NC
    welcome, i'm in NC as well (just closer to the mountains) and this is a great group!

    NC does have lots of options for farms and local foods, we are lucky.

    best of luck to you and glad to hear your family is going along this journey with you

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    Recent~ish transplant to Charlotte here, would love to get in contact with some locals :: grin :: been primal on and off since 2009 (had lots of success, got lazy, success, injured~into~lazy, back on the path). I know it's a lot easier to stay primal when surrounding yourself with others that think like you do. Anyone wanna get together? Start some monthly potlucks or do some group exercise?

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