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Thread: Nearly 1 Week In

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    Nearly 1 Week In

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm nearly one week in to primal eating. I was feeling great, then suddenly today I am unusually tired and feel like my brain is in a fog. Is this normal? Will it pass on its own? Or should I change my eating to address it?

    I've eliminated grains and sugars (except for a little dark chocolate). I'm still eating dairy and fruit. Actually, today I've eaten much less fruit than normal - I only had about 1/2 cup raspberries with breakfast instead of some fruit with each meal. Maybe I should eat some fruit?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Quit the fruit, it ensures you keep being a sugar-burner. You want to burn fat, not carbs. Takes 7-10 days to adjust, you're experiencing carb flu. Keep fruit to once a day, but leave them entirely till you're a fat burner... Give in a couple of weeks. Banana and mango and oranges are bad as they are very sweet... Apples and berries are okay.

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    Welcome. I'm surprised you felt great that long then apparently got the carb flu. Give it a few days. Half a cup of raspberries is fine.
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    Wow, this is helpful! I experienced the same thing!

    I am about 4 weeks in, what is this "carb flu"?

    I do a nut and berry mix for breakfast most mornings, and recently added bananas. coincidently my weightloss has slowed... could this be a factor?

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    When we started PB, my wife and I both suffered with lethargy, headaches, moodiness, decreased sex drive, and just an overall unpleasantness for about three weeks. We are 6 weeks in, and I am waking up on my own without my alarm most days. I feel energized the second I wake up. No headaches, no energy swings, no moodiness. Definitely was the carbs! We ate a ton of carbs prior to going to PB, so we attributed the length of adjustment time to our dependence on carbs.

    So far, I have lost 19 lb (262 to 243) and wife has lost 10 lb (140 to 130) since beginning. Wife still cheats here and there, but we are really losing weight effortlessly. I am ashamed to say, but we haven't even been exercising. I know if I can kick that into gear, the weight will fall off even that much faster.

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