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Thread: Super bowl coconut milk-tajin chicken highs… yum! Almost like buffalo wing

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    Lightbulb Super bowl coconut milk-tajin chicken highs… yum! Almost like buffalo wing

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    Just wanted to let you all know my new recipe for superbowl sunday. This was the first time i made it and it turn out just delicious.
    There are no measurements whatsoever, just ingredients.

    All you need is organic chicken thighs, coconut milk and tajin chilli/spice (local store).
    Put all in the skillet and let it boil. When boil, just turn the fire to low and let it sit just so that the coconut milk becomes more creamy.

    I did 4 thighs with 1/4 can of coconut milk and tajin chilli powder as much as you want (probably 1/4 cup).

    They taste almost like buffalo wings with a tangy flavor and they end up not being spicy at all.

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    Those sounds awesome, thanks for sharing!
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    Buffalo wing... NOT spicy?
    But the HOT is the good part... I bet I could fix'em.
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