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    OK, dumb question, but I'm just starting PB...are green beans allowed, or not? I can't find it anywhere, but I think they're a legume, right? So they aren't a very good veggie choice???


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    I don't know for sure, but I eat them occasionally. Generally I stick to the idea that if you can eat it raw, it's probably ok.

    I just had some pickled green beans the other day. Delish!

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    I eat 'em! It's green. And it's a vegetable. Sounds good to me.

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    My wife and I were trying to figure this out, but the best we could find was a quote by Mark saying they are a great vegetable, although not a great protein source. I don't think they're a pure legume because you're not eating just the beans inside, but the entire pod. Would love to know more about how they stack up against broccoli and the like.

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    I don't know but I loooove them and eat them. Not ALL the time but they're so yummy... and yeah, like Timothy said, I think of them as a vegetable, not an alternate source of protein.

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    I'm not really sure either but I do eat them. Generally I think your eating more pod than bean and since green beans/string beans/pole beans are not a real protein source as are other legumes I don't think they are completely non-promal although not completely primal either. What I do know is that mixed up with some butter, garlic and sliced almonds they make a great side to an otherwise completely primal meal!

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    Green/string/wax beans are fine since you are eating the pod that contains an immature seed. It is the skin that covers the mature seed that has all the nasties that are associated with legumes. The pod will have become way too tough to be even close to palatable before it would be an issue.

    This would go for peas as well.

    Now I can't wait to put some seeds in the ground for a steaming pile of wax beans with melted butter!

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