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    Heads up! Cabot Dairy is not rBST-free...

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    I was excited to learn about Cabot's full-fat greek yogurt. I looked up the product on the website and read about their co-op. I was thinking this is awesome...then I read about the "parent company" Agri-Mark. Then I thought, hmmmm this seems like big-Ag to for S & G's I googled "agri-mark monsanto." Here it is!

    Institute for Responsible Technology -

    "A ruling today against Agri-Mark, Inc., better known to consumers as the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, has shown many of its products were not rBST-free as claimed, and were in violation of the Vermont Consumer Fraud Actís ban on deceptive trade practices. A leading consumer safety organization, The Institute for Responsible Technology, welcomes the ruling, and believes that the disinformation practices revealed in the case are typical of the deceptive practices faced by a growing number of American consumers who want to know if their foods have been Genetically Modified (GM). "

    Thanks but no thanks!

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    Thanks for the heads-up, I bought Cabot cheese recently because of a budget crunch, not doing that again. I wish the local raw milk cheeses we can get through our CSA weren't $8/lb. Then again, I was already thinking about dialing down the dairy, maybe this is a sign. FYI, one cost-saving trick is to buy full fat regular yogurt and strain it yourself--cheesecloth and a colander. I like to strain it a little longer to where it's spreadable like cream cheese. I would assume it's even higher in protein that way.

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    Ah, bummer! I just bought some today, and thought I'd look up what other people said about it. Now I have to decide whether I should eat it or not. *SIGH.*

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