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Thread: Why I Do A Protein Shake Every Day...

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    Cool Why I Do A Protein Shake Every Day...

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    There seems to be a lot of talk of protein shakes lately and I am one who likes them. Some have poo poo'd them. Some are okay with them. The honest reasons... here's why...

    #1 They are delicious...
    I like to have something sweet and delicious and a protein shake to me is just as delicious as a milkshake. Mine are made with coconut milk and a scoop of whatever whey protein I have (i have chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, berry...)

    #2 They are low carb, low fat, low calorie...
    They don't mess with any of my macros that much...

    #3 They help me reach my protein levels desired
    I eat the majority of my protein in meats and sometimes some greek yogurt. My protein shake helps add about 20 more grams of protein.

    I have one a day...just one cup. It totally curbs my desire for sweets. I eat 100% paleo 99% of the time until this week in which I'm giving lean gains a go (this will cause me to go probably 80% paleo in order to get my correct macros).

    So for those of you who also enjoy them, I raise a frothy glass to you. ^__^
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    Hear hear!!!
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    I don't currently... but a good chocolate protein powder is how I have "mocha frappes" all summer. (One per day.)
    So, since I'm in FL it won't be long until I'm raising my glass too!
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    #4 It's a good place for me to sneak in my other supplements. Creatine, liquid fish oil, greens supplement, ground flax.

    *frothy prost*

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    #5. Try opening a high-end breakfast line at 4 in the morning, with nothing but biscuits, pancakes, and "primal" foods soaked in soybean oil to eat
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    Just had a whey protein shake not 20 minutes ago.

    Juiced whole lemon, two scoops vanilla whey, 1/2 cup berries, melted butter for fat content (out of coconut milk right now). Intensely rich and decadent... but healthy!
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    Not a daily thing for me to consume, but I make them every morning for my partner because it's ridiculously hard for him to actually eat the calories he needs because he doesn't have a job where he can just eat at his desk.

    So yeah...

    #6: for some people, drinking extra calories is a good thing.
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    I agree with the "not an everyday thing" mentality and I would recommend trying to get as clean as you can with the whey source (as little added sugar, sucralose, stevia, etc.) as possible. Then just let 'er rip, I say.

    I've been playing around with BPC in the mornings and most days I'm down to eating 2 meals and I'm quite concerned I won't be able to get enough protein that way. So, I've actually been having more of these lately, especially after workouts.

    I also use it to add in things I'm thinking I might not be getting enough of, but don't necessarily feel like consuming "straight up" Like for example, sometimes I just don't feel like leafy greens everyday, but I can throw 1/2 lb of spinach in the blender along with some organic raspberries to cut the spinach taste a bit and get my leafy greens and get some good organic berries -- both of which are still WHOLE foods...just because I threw them in the blender doesn't change that.

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    Totally agree, hallowprince. Love them, they give me a different and cost-effective way of getting my protein in (plus some good coconut fat, as you suggest), they keep me full for hours, plus I don't much care for anything that involves too much chewing first thing in the morning ...
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    I agree but I'm confused about how yours is low fat if you use coconut milk.

    I also make mine with whey and coconut milk, but a can of the stuff I get is like 75g of fat (for the whole can). Do you just use a little bit or are you making tiny protein shakes?

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