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Thread: Im in week 3

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    Im in week 3

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    I wont bore anyone with the details but after a long career or working out I had stopped about 2 years ago. In reality I didnt put much weight on but I put a load of fat on. So on the second or 3rd week of november I got back to it.

    I started primal about 3 weeks ago and I am keep my carbs very low. I apparently was extremely sugar sensitive so for a reset I decided to keep my calories low and my carbs very low for a month, to get my energy systems fully operating on fat for fuel.

    I started at 234 and I am now down to 220 and have shaved about 4-5" off from my waist and put an inch back into my arms.

    Im sorry the poses are different

    My goal is to get below 10% and continue training my body to be ready for the zombie apocalypse
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    Back to the gym for the first time in 4 years. Even know I was heavily trained I am approaching it as if I have never lifted in my life and only doing the staples with some ancillary movements.

    squat and pullups
    bench dips and pullups
    deadlifts and chinnups

    Thats it for lifting and doing 30 minutes of movement 4 days per week. Its Maine winter time and I work in an office so it the treadmill on about a 10-12% grade at a moderate pace until the weather gets a bit nice.

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    Good progress so far well done. The only thing I would suggest is you might be overdoing your back work and try and add some pushups into that mix and perhaps some kind of overhead press.
    Keep up the good work.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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    pushups on bench day and the dips are forward facing to put that tension on the anterior delt. Thanks.

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