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Thread: Low budget paleo diet

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    Low budget paleo diet

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm a 22 year old student who lives with his parents and hasn't got that much money.
    Because I ain't able to convince my mother to buy more paleo food I have decided to buy my own paleo food.

    So this has to be low budget.

    I was thinking about things like eggs, can salmon/tuna, salade, meat, nuts.
    As this is a very limited I was wondering if you all got some ideas for me?

    Thank you,

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    I get beef heart for cheap at my grocery store. Also if you can handle some starch, white rice is about as cheap as it gets. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are also pretty inexpensive.

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    1 look for bogo and clearence deals on all red meat (does not have to be pastured)
    2 IFing is cheap... (I have been doing bulletproof style IFing with the bulletproof coffee. I buy bulk kerrygold butter from us wellness meats and coffee from my farmers market)
    3 Big ass salads are your friend. See if you can get your parents on board with buying all sorts of good toppings like mushrooms roasted red peppers and so forth since they are good for so many recipies.

    Good luck

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    Good old meat and potatoes. Cheap, nourishing, never gets old.

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    Watch out for sales at your local stores,and don't be afraid to buy in bulk and freeze things when a good sale presents itself.I buy my meats in bulk and it really helps in the long run.Potatoes,white rice,ground beef,frozen vegetables,and butter are all your friends.I can't afford to eat a porterhouse every night,but I'll be damned if a good old fashioned burger doesn't hit the spot every time.

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    Salads are very expensive. Eat seasonally, it's much cheaper. Lots of sweet potatoes and squash this time of year, plus ground meats, organ meats.
    Eggs are awesome. IF in the morning, have eggs and veg for lunch, cheap cut of meat and more veg for dinner.
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    Frozen veg is pretty cheap and convenient, and supposedly not missing out on the nutrient front these days.

    Also check out Paleo on a Budget, she posts her grocery lists & deals of the week & coupons, that might help you get an idea for what can save you some money.
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    Very lean cuts of beef, please. Beef tends to accumulate toxins in the fat, so if you're eating unpastured beef fat, you're accumulating more toxins in your own body.

    Buy a really good source of fat, though. Look for a really good jar of coconut oil, EVOO, and/or butter/ghee so that you can cook with it and get enough fats while eating lean proteins.

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    At my local grocery store, they put out the clearance meat every day at 11am. There is nothing wrong with it. Usually its just a little off color. It's usually about 40-50% cheaper. Before I switched to grass-fed, I had a freezer packed full of meat with little orange stickers that read "special today". This was also great as I got to experiment with a lot of cuts I wasn't familiar with. I make a pretty mean London Broil out of a top round now

    Ask the guys in your meat department what the schedule is for "special today" or whatever they call it there.

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