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Thread: PB, Type II diabetes and high triglycerides

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    PB, Type II diabetes and high triglycerides

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    A good friend of the family who is Mexican has type 2 diabetes and now has high triglycerides. The doctor told her to not eat fat, no meat except for basically chicken, only veggies, that type of thing. I am wondering what you all know about this topic and if there is any information that I should pass along to her. Is Fat something that she should avoid in this particular scenario (of course you wouldn't normally) until she gets this under control, or should she be avoiding carbs in general? She is not Primal, but she wants to get this under control without meds. She was told by the doc that she could use fake sweeteners and raw cane sugar, so we know that the people she's seeing aren't exactly on top of things! Anyway, I'd love to get your advice.....she needs your help!


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    My triglycerides were high 200's. I went primal and they went to the 130 range (I'm sorry but I can't remember the exact numbers but yes, it was a really big drop).

    My dh is type 2 diabetic. His numbers went down from eating this way. His doctor blood test has been consistently in the normal (non diabetic range) too. He is still quite fat and should exercise more than he does but it helped a lot to change his diet to this.

    Just two anecdotes. She has to do what she feels comfortable with, but this diet has helped my husband's diabetes much more than the low fat, almost veg diet I put him on for the year before.

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