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    Need help with dressings !!!

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    HI .. i need some recipes for ranch dressing and blue cheese dressing please . none with yogurt , i dont like it . Thanks so much

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    I'm sorry... but this has probably been answered 100 times.

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    You may also want to search for mayonnaise recipes while you're at it. I believe the bulk of both of these dressings comes from mayo and sour cream. I've never made either so I don't have any favorite recipes to share.

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    My whole eating world is about condiments and sauces and dressings. I love them all. A piece of meat is so much better with a sauce and what would lettuce be without being dressed. My latest love is a dressing of coconut milk with salt and pepper and several drops of stevia thinned with water. I am very successful with primal using normal sauces thinned with 50% water. But, yes, you'd be stunned is you just google primal + whatever it is your asking about. Google is stunning.

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