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Thread: How to Train for a Marathon--links?

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    How to Train for a Marathon--links?

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    Could somebody please recommend a good link here on how to train for a Marathon (preferably run/walk)--I'd really like to try and qualify for Boston. Thanks!

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    Mark recently did a couple of posts on the subject. The first post is the title you chose for this thread verbatim:
    How to Train for a Marathon | Mark's Daily Apple
    How to Fuel a Marathon | Mark's Daily Apple

    Also, this one from a while ago:
    The Consequences of Not Properly Training for a Marathon | Mark's Daily Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallytante View Post

    Could somebody please recommend a good link here on how to train for a Marathon (preferably run/walk)--I'd really like to try and qualify for Boston. Thanks!

    Are you brand new to running? As mentioned above, you should get a year or 2 of running in before shooting for a marathon--it's a lot to ask of your body and you'll need to build up to it slowly.

    That said, you ask about running/walking a marathon. This you may be able to do right off the bat, depending on what kind of shape you're in now and whether your chosen marathon has a cut-off finishing time. Jeff Galloway specializes in this approach. Here is a link to his schedule on his website How to train for a marathon: Jeff Galloway's Marathon Training for all levels, including beginners .

    As far as qualifying for Boston w/a walk/run--not too likely. Here is a link to Boston qualifying standards. Qualifying

    Unless you're really going to become a serious runner and devote a lot of time and energy to it, it's not likely you'll be going to Boston as a qualified runner. However, if you still really want to run Boston, look into doing it as a "charity runner." Boston always reserves a number of slots for those who raise a given amount of money for specific charities, and this might be a better bet for you if you really want to go to Boston but are not sure you can even run a marathon, let alone a fast enough one to qualify.

    Best wishes!

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    dallytante: honeypig beat me to it, but Jeff Galloway is arguably the top walk-run strategy coach out there.

    As for your goal, what's your athletic background? I ask because although the advice offered above about running for a year or two before completing a marathon is sound overall it can certainly be done if you have an adequate athletic base.

    I say this from experience; I've always been an active guy but never much of a runner prior to completing my first marathon. However, I used a six-month plan, plus an additional couple of months tacked on the front to allow me to get base fitness. I'll be honest and admit I had a conservative finish time of four hours for my first marathon, which I didn't quite achieve. However, I still felt capable and my body held together alright in the end and I finished the race with no problems.

    The only caution I would throw out there is your potentially steep goal of qualifying for Boston right away. Some people do it, of course, but assuming you do not have much of a running pedigree doing so will be quite a challenge.

    That said, people run sub-three-hour marathons using the walk-run strategy so don't worry about your racing strategy. Just ensure you have the ability to handle the load of the Boston qualifying pace.

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