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Thread: Anyone has any upper back injuries that lift weights?

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    Anyone has any upper back injuries that lift weights?

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    About 4 years ago I tweaked my right subscapularis (underside of the scapula) while lifting heavy things. I stopped working out to go back to school (and my wife had 2 kids). Over the span of that 4 years it didn't bother me at all. Just started working out last week (pretty light) and hurt it again. I DO NOT want to stop again EVER. Just curious if anyone out there has a shoulder/upper back injury (seems that shoulder, bench and back exercises seem to hurt it all the same) that are still lifting and still getting gains (even small)? Really my only goal is to get ripped with a six pack so HEAVY lifting is not my priority. Just want to look good naked lol. Any advise would be appreciated greatly.

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    See a chiro, ART or massage therapist.

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