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Thread: Strained fascia/muscle spasms in lower back

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    Strained fascia/muscle spasms in lower back

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    Hi everyone,

    Back in December, I awoke with an aching in my lower back. It quickly got so severe, that I had to go to the hospital. I was given muscle relaxants and pain killers and told to ease off. Great advice, right? So I took it easy for a few weeks around Christmas and started to feel better. I got back into my routine, albeit slightly easier, but I still should not have gone as hard as I did. I relapsed and my back froze up again. I was diagnosed with strained fascia and misaligned muscles that are pulling on my lower spine. No slipped discs or actual spinal damage, so I'm lucky there. The trainer of my boot camp class says this is a fairly common injury.

    Right now, I've been in physical therapy for about 3 weeks, and have 5 more to go. Basically core stabilization and massages/electric stimulation of the area to relieve tension. I've been pretty limited with what I can do for exercise, and I have no intention of rushing my recovery. I've been doing sets of 30 different kinds of push ups every hour on the hour throughout the workday (240 in total a day), going for walks/light jogs, tightening my core in all activities and doing my PT exercises daily. I recently integrated a tabata bodyweight workout of push ups, squats, pullups, lunges, and planks, and I've been doing soft-tissue work with a foam roller/tennis ball.

    My back is feeling okay so far, and the freezing up/lances of pain are gone, but it does ache occasionally. I've set a goal of getting back into training by March, as I'm registered for a Tough Mudder in July, but I don't think I'll be power lifting until at least May. Is there anyone else who has had this kind of back injury, or can anyone offer any advice on how to speed recovery? Something I'm missing?
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    I've been plagued with back problems for many years thanks to the legacy from series of heavy engineering jobs.

    In addition to not hurrying a return to full activity and the core strengthening I use a Teeter Table on a frequent basis. Certainly helps me and one of the best bits of kit I have bought, certainly compared to the money I've spent with the Osteopath.

    Sadly once your back has gone it has a nasty habit of going again.



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    Yup. I'm dealing with fascia damage in my upper glutes/lower back. I have an amazing, soft-tissue specialist/chiro working on me, and I stretch and foam roll often. The foam rolling helps a lot.
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