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Thread: Introduction and success story, sorry, no pix

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    Introduction and success story, sorry, no pix

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    I stumbled across MDA and PB in September of 2011 when Googling, "Crossfit vs. P90X". My father died of a heart attack at age 39, 5 months before my birth and I've been determined to not repeat that and be able to see my daughter as an adult.
    After weighing in at 189 and receiving high BP numbers I wanted to bring about some change in my life. Both Cross-fit and P-90X had their drawbacks. Cross-fit seemed too expensive, at least here in Vancouver where everything is expensive, and having a wife and young child P-90X's time commitment just didn't seem realistic for my life. Primal Blueprint seemed perfect.
    ...and it has been.
    I started on PB about the second week of September 2011 and very quickly noticed the pounds coming off. By early December I was down to about 162. I was curious as to what would happen with the inevitable treats that would come with Christmas. I played it smart and didn't overdo it and went up about 2 or 3 pounds. They've since come off again after Christmas.
    I've actually had to retire a number of pairs of pants as they just don't look right with me having the belt cinched in that much. On the weekend I thought I'd try on a pair of shorts my wife bought me a few years back. They had never fit and we'd lost the receipt so I just kept them in the bottom of the wardrobe, not quite sure why exactly. I was thrilled to find that they fit. When I started PB I was wearing a size 34 waist. The shorts I tried on this weekend were a size 30. I can't recall when last I wore a size 30, likely my graduating year of high school.

    This weekend I tested my BP (four tests so that I could get an average) and my numbers were in the low end of normal , close to the optimal numbers.
    I'm feeling quite good about my success.

    After my success my wife has now come on board although after her first 2 weeks has not noticed any real difference in her weight. I have another post on the forum about that.

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    You have a good head on your shoulders...

    I came to the same conclusions a long time ago. I now actively participate with a CrossFit gym but I've been fortunate enough to have a coaching staff that has tempered the protocols with common sense and real world goals. The majority of them are paleo, and they want to see me succeed. It's great that you have had such success.

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    Thanks, SMS. The Cross-Fit workout system still is appealing but my workout regime has been tempered by the fact that around the same time that I went primal I started having tennis elbow problems. I need to go to physio and get that dealt with now.

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    Sapper - we really need before and after pics to believe that this is true.

    OK, fine, I actually believe you. Nice work. But I still want pics.
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