i have posted a few times before, and i was just posting agian for an update and yet some more advice that will hopefully benefit me and other primal ladies.
i have made an appointment to get my hormonal IUD OUT and a new Copper non-hormonal IUD IN! yeah! i feel very releaved after 3 months of dizzyness, acne, mood swings, tender breasts and all the other hormal side effects i am now going into the primal world of non hormonal contraception and i couldnt be happier.

all i was hoping to get from this post is some advice on what to expect as for side effects after i have my new coil fitted.

anything you have to offer will be greatly appreciate

thank you

p.s. all you primal ladies have helped me get through this period (pardon the pun) of dealing with my BC massively and i couldnt thank you all enough!! there needs to be more non hormonal options that have little to zero side effects, thank you all again and i hope to hear from you soon.

lucy x