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Thread: My first lipid and CBC test

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    My first lipid and CBC test

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    Hey everyone, I've been primal since the summer. I've never been big into testing because I'd rather spend that $$$ on some beef or grass fed butter (which I can eat by the spoonful)
    And I've seen great results just looking in the mirror

    My curiosity got the best of me and I made an appointment for a lipid and CBC test this Wednesday in the morning. All that I know is that I'm supposed to be fasting. Anything else so that I don't screw up my test results?

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    I heard that I also should stop taking any supplements a day or two before and just drink water

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    No alcohol the day before--can skew the cholesterol, so I've read. Don't know how much that's true, but worth considering, if it's not a big deal.

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    Oh, sorry, I'm 20 and live in the US
    male, 5'11", ~150 lbs, etc.

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    I've heard that if you're supplementing with fish oil you need to cut that out 3+ days before blood draw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linny View Post
    I've heard that if you're supplementing with fish oil you need to cut that out 3+ days before blood draw.
    Funny, I ran out of my fish oil supplement on sunday anyway

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    Results, in mg/dL
    TC: 149
    HDL: 57
    LDL: 83
    Trig: 47
    Glucose: 66

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    People are saying that I only have good numbers because I'm young (20), and not because of what I eat (or don't eat) x.x
    I directed them to fat head but they said it doesn't say his numbers on the wiki page. Would anyone know what they are?

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    Who cares what they say? Your numbers are great - rejoice!!!
    Started 9/15/11 at 323 pounds
    2/16/13 at 241 pounds
    Goal is 223 pounds or less

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    I don't care too much about the numbers, I feel great anyway. I just want the people that I care about to not be so cynical towards my diet (and ideally adopt it themselves).

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