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Thread: Salt

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    Question: How much salt should one eat daily on l/c, esp. if striving for ketosis ?

    Background: Gary Taubes recently mentioned Peter Attia | The War on Insulin and the Defense of Fat which I've been enjoying. That site, along with Dr. Michael Eades gave rave reviews of The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate (living? eating?, I forgot the last word of the title and I'm away from my resources right now.)

    War on Insulin and Art & Science discuss using bouillon cubes to insure adequate salt intake, esp. when ketosis is the goal. I am more inclined to use sea salt on my food. I want to use the right amount and not over do it. Suggestions ?


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    It depends on the salt~ if you are supplementing for electrolytes~ use good quality unprocessed sea salt at a rate of tsp. per liter of water~ you can put the salt in the water, or on food, but that's the formula~ for more info, Mankind Also see Water Cure 2

    ETA~ more info~ I love salt~
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