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    Lunch for Construction Worker

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    Hello all,
    My father is hesitant to give the primal blueprint a go because he, for the last 25 years, has packed a sandwich in his box to be eaten in the field come midday. Does anyone have some suggestions for lunches to be kept in a lunch box and easily eaten away from the tablecloth and silverware? My old man has suffered from wicked heartburn for as long as I've known him and I'd love to have him share in my success with living primal.

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    I'm out in the field with just a truck and a very small cooler unless I eat fast food and, well, we all know how well that works.

    Anyway, I usually pack some hard-cooked eggs (peeled that morning), maybe some deli turkey or beef (watch the ingredients though), some sliced cheese, dill pickes, a few nuts, an apple, sometimes unsweetened shredded coconut if I'm in the mood and usually a bag of pork rinds. But my current addiction is to green olives stuffed with bleu cheese.
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    In the winter, a thermos of stew...
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    Thinking I'd like RitaRose's lunch. How about cooking a big roast on Sunday? He could take cubes or slices of that. Blueberries are soothing for heartburn. I'd keep out hot spices. Chewing is hard as he's rushing, no doubt. Grilled vegetables might be fun. You could put them in tupperware. He could tell the other guys on the job that his son / daughter was on this weird "diet" and he promised to try it for a week cold turkey. Then he wouldn't get bugged by the others, but they might get intrigued as to the whole "diet." Thick soups (oxtail?) in a thermos might be fun. He could blame it all on you:-) Turkey leg, leg of lamb, baked chicken, beef / chicken liver, meatloaf. Good luck.

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    For a snack or dessert, a small container of blueberries (and whatever other berries he likes) in luscious coconut milk. Sooo good!

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