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Thread: New to paleo from Australia

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    New to paleo from Australia

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    Hi there, I am from Australia, and have had a rollercoaster ride with my nutrition and health issue related to such for a long time. Long story short, it has led me here, and I have been folowing this lifestyle almost 100% for a few months now. I feel so much healthier and have heaps of energy, more than ever actually. I would like to go 100% but find it hard with a family that do not follow paleo lifestyle. I do make th eodd cake from almond meal etc, but am gluten intolerant, so never any bread, pastas or grains.

    Hope to learn a lot more and read many more inspiring stories...

    Any Aussie paleos out there too?


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    Heading back to australia in a few weeks.
    Go do'll love yourself for being primal...

    Where you from? I cant wait to try an connect with the Primal guys back home!

    Grok on...

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    I am in Aus, slowly getting paleo after reading pretty much everything about it. Just need to get buy in from my house mates as on a weekend we generally are pretty bad with our diets.

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    Yep, there seem to be quite a few Australians. There's even a group.

    I just joined, have only been doing this for a very short time but already I'm seeing some amazing results.

    Good luck with it!

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    Hi Cowgirl,

    I'm an aussie newbie too (currently 7 weeks on the PB program).

    It can be a bit hard when you eat differently than the rest of the family, but not impossible. When the evening family meal is served, I'll just leave out the spuds and bread etc, and have a double helping of salad and/or veg.

    Good luck
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    Quite a few of us. You might be interested in this.
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    There seem to be a few of us here. Anyone else on the Gold / Tweed Coasts?
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