I really love team sport. In Australia, I play netball, and I like to get out there feeling pumped and aggressive. I want to feel great and play like a bull for a full hour nonstop.

Before going primal, I would rev myself up on game morning with a massive bowl of porridge and banana; then chicken snitzel and mayo at lunch, and then a big can of Mother that afternoon before the game.

Since going primal and quitting the carbs, I have replaced my can of Mother with a big coconut, and stuck to a big protein breakfast and fatty lunch instead. I am sugar-free... but I guess if I needed a bit of a lift before the game I might have a headful of grapes instead of my previous need to down some jelly beans.

Can you fellow super hero athletes please give some suggestions or ideas about what foods and drinks you use to rev yourselves up and give yourselves plenty of natural energy before a sports match?

Especially to get over that 'tired' feeling you get sitting behind a desk at work all day too!

Thanks heaps!