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Thread: bean substitutes iin chili page

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    bean substitutes iin chili

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    any ideas for bean replacement in chili recipies? or just leave that part out? haven't tried either yet and am thinking that the beans add something to the overall recipe that might be replaceable with something else more "primal correct".

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    Just leave it out and have meat chili. If you feel the need for something else, add veggies like cubed potato, turnip, daikon radish or pieces of cauliflower.

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    Skip them. Beans are just filler anyhow.
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    Listen, pardner, real chili don't have no beans!

    Hehe. When I have chili, I put in beans. They are perfectly good food.
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    Small cubes of coloured peppers (capsicum) tossed in about half an hour from the end of cooking, or the outer centimeter of aubergine, cut into cubes. This gives some of the appearance of red kidney beans and some of the filler texture.

    ... or just leave them out. No substitution.

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    Personally, I use cannellini beans in chili, only one can for a whole pot of chili otherwise laden with tomatoes and beef heart. I've not looked into the nutritive content versus other legumes, but they are easy on my digestion and are deliciously creamy after being simmered for hours. I am not one of those who thinks beans are simply a filler, nor am I one who believes a chili should contain no beans, but to excess in a chili, I will agree that they are pointless.
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    I used lots of chopped vegetables(red/green bell peppers, onions), as well as some squash the last time I made chili. The results were pretty good.

    The recipe I used was basically a modified version of the following link(squash instead of pumpkin, more bell peppers/onions, beef instead of elk, no chocolate chips). I think I may use it again the next time I make chili, just varying the meat and vegetables a bit to see how it works.

    Elk Chipotle Chocolate Chili | PaleOMG - Paleo Recipe
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    Chopped up mushrooms and zucchini and red peppers make a good substitute for beans.

    Another thing that's good is to make meat chili and then add some shredded cabbage. Kind of like chili mac.

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    More meat !
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