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Thread: One Month Primal and Down 26 Pounds!!!

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    One Month Primal and Down 26 Pounds!!!

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    I can't even believe that I typed the above title! 26 pounds in 32 days of Primal living! My mind is still wrapping itself around this new reality.

    Thirty-two days ago, I walked out of my doctor's office with the advice that I was eating 'too much' and that I needed to increase my 'healthy intake of grains'...I was told this despite the fact that I was eating EXACTLY as the food pyramid recommended. I had been steadily gaining weight since the birth of my last child at a ridiculous rate. I went from 178 (5'3") to 326 in about three years....all while eating EXACTLY as I was told by my doc, and following the food pyramid guidelines. Every visit, he has claimed that I must be 'cheating' and more or less accused me of a hidden candybar habit. The fact that I do not like most candy...prefering dark chocolate if anything, didn't seem to matter. I did LOVE my bagels however, lol.

    A naturopathic doc (my last ditch effort with the medical community) suggested that my internal workings might be more primatively inclined...she suggested I do a web-search on Paleo-type diets. She also discovered that I am allergic to wheat and most grains. Joy.

    So; I found this site. It seemed a little strange--but at this point, I was obviously only going to continue to grow larger if I kept eating as I was--so I figured, why not? Give it a try. I like steak, lol.

    Following the guidelines (and I did buy Mark's book), I have eliminated everything that is not of the egg, meat (grass fed when finances allow), veggie, or fruit persuasion. (My only dairy is full-fat mozzarella) That is the only change I have made. I have not stepped foot in a gym, and my energy expenditure has been limited to basic household chores, going to college, and trips to the store/etc... No on-purpose exercising at all.

    I bought a scale. I am down TWENTY SIX pounds in thirty-two days!

    I went from a plus XXL in leggings to a regular XL. I went from a plus XXL in t-shirts to a regular XL. I lost TWO jean sizes. Ok...and this is going to sound a bit odd....I have always been ah, er.... um....a well-endowed hem.... While that is all fine and can be a bit back-wearing to carry such attributes around....and after my last child was done nursing....'the girls' just never shrunk....increasing my already considerable shoulder and back pain. However, I have went down to a 'normal-sized' sports bra. An XL. I can't even begin to explain how wonderful this is. Back and shoulder pain are gone and the girls are happier-and look better....I know, it sounds weird...but its true.

    Did I mention my feet shrunk? First I was tightening my shoelaces...something I had never had to do before....then I discovered my shoes were too big...both in length and width....I could hardly believe it and I had to go out and by new shoes...I went from a womens 9.5W to a 8.5.

    All the massive swelling that I had carried about in my lower legs for the last year...disappeared. My legs are all but normal.

    My vision has improved to the point that I just went to get new contacts on Fri....My perscription had to be eyesight has improved....I have always had trouble seeing far away signs and such even when wearing my contacts as well as struggling with night driving (because oncoming headlights would blur horribly making it almost impossible for me to see where I was going). I can drive at night with ZERO problems now. My vision is overall better and I can easily see those street signs...even those in the distance.

    My gums are healing. I have had dental problems for years....and they are all clearing up.

    My skin is excellent...far less dry and looks healthy. My face is clear...not more acne, redness, or flaking. Holy grass-fed cow batman!

    THE BEST PART IS THAT I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I can breathe; I can sleep; I can walk without pain. I have energy...and I keep feeling better every day.

    The only other thing I'm doing is taking an Omega 3,6,9 supplement, a multivitamin that includes greens, and drinking lots of teas...all kinds, hot and iced.

    If anyone reads this who is VERY overweight and is trying to decide whether to try this or not....just do won't even miss the bagels after a few days. (My bread cravings disappeared after four days of flu-like symptoms...and have never come back).

    Good luck and THANK YOU MARK!!!!!

    I will update by replying on this thread as I go.
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    Awesome results.

    F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.

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    Wow, that is excellent. Keep it up!
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    Wow, amazing results!

    What did your optician say about your eyesight improving?
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    Wow! That's amazing! Welcome
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    That's awesome! I'm so happy for you! There's nothing like results, right?
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    That's wonderful! I too am at the one month stage and tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. I'm expecting to be down about 30 pounds if the trend I've been on continues. Great to hear yours and everybody else's success stories on this forum.

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    WOW....what have you been eating? I was primal for 3 months and didnt even come close to that number. But I am guessing you were probably eating something that was soooo not agreeing with you. Amen for the primal blueprint because you are doing awesom!!!
    Keep up the good work, I didn't lose in numbers but I sure did have more energy.
    But really what did you eat for the last 30 days? maybe be I just am not getting it. LOL

    Good job girl!!!

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    Wow! You have convinced me! Thanks so much for your post. Needed to hear that.


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