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Thread: First 22 hour fast

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    I just did my first 22 hour fast today, I really expected it to be worse that it actually was, so it was more the anticipation of the fast than the actual fast itself and by the end of this afternoon was actually feeling really good.

    I told a friend and she got all worried that I was going to faint due to lack of food and offered me some lollies, bless her cotton socks!

    I had been IFing for a while by having breakfast later and later each day but still having three meals per day, today I just had one and I survived, it will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow and if I need to eat a bit more during the day (I used to find if I did a really heavy weights workout the next day I would be absolutely famished so am sort of expecting the same thing),

    Next week I will aim for 23 hours...

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    "I told a friend and she got all worried that I was going to faint due to lack of food and offered me some lollies, bless her cotton socks!" <- haha

    this is pretty much how I started doing ifast's, just picking a meal, omitting it, then working up to doing whole days. The first long ifast isn't all that much fun, but after that they get better.

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    Ah good to hear they get better, otherwise might have to reconsider! This is going to be my Friday challenge from now on (and it will especially hard when everyone heads off to the pub on a Friday for drinks and nasty foods).

    Actually woke up early this morning (damn cat, she should learn IFing on a Saturday morning) and feel really good, I thought I would be ravenous but feel better than if I had eaten all day yesterday.

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    Fasting is very refreshing. I actually look forward to it now. Pets can IF too.

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    I'm glad its working for others. I have been trying to expand my IFs by skipping lunch. By the time dinner comes around my head is light. I'm currently suffering from a headache and lightheadedness from skipping lunch today.

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    Thanks Diana (btw new photo…WOW I am jealous of your arms!!). Um I think my dear pet will go psycho if she misses a meal so won’t even try.

    Jpippenger yeah I know about the headaches though I think mine was induced by the smell of pizza which was delivered to the office for after work drinks. Maybe you could eat a little bit more for breakfast and that might help you get through the day until dinner time or even just have a really small snack of nuts or berries in the afternoon when it gets really hard, you are still IFing to a degree in my mind.

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