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Thread: indegestion onset...

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    indegestion onset...

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    Im w,ondering if anyone has any thoughts or ideas as to why, 3 months into primal, I am suddenly suffering from indigestion. I've never had it before, even on SAD so I really have no idea whats causing it. I eat fairly clean meals of seafood, meat and veggies (if I eat out I assume its cooked in vegetable oil, but never at home.) I haven't touched grains (except rice) nor alcohol, and regularly consume bone broth, CLO, and seaweed. I drink loads of water and herbal teas.

    Any ideas as to what may be causing this Indigestion?.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this?

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    Are you drinking too much while you are eating? I find that if I drink while I eat it will cause some problems, or just eating too fast and not chewing. If you are feeling any stress it will cause some GI issues and it could make your digestion off as well. Coffee, tea can also cause stomach issues especially when they change your stomach acidity. Coconut milk is also a problem for some folks.
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