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Thread: Jet lag and PrimalCon

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    I am seriously contemplating traveling from London, England to PrimalCon... But given the impact that jet lag has on the body and that melatonin cannot be bought in the UK, does anyone thing it would be counterproductive?!

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    I'd love to see you there, Stephanique!

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    ah, damn, Mark posted a while back. I was going to say fasting. If you came a day early, a fast would be huge. I say a day early b/c you don't want to miss out on the food.

    I'm speaking on experience having lived in Germany the last two years. I made several trips back to the states and tried different things each time. Fasting and forcing the sleep schedule made the best combo.

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    As one who travels rather frequently to Asia from Boston, to the west, it's much easier on the body than when one returns, heading east. Why? I have no idea! Fasting does work in these situations. Returning to London, you may be "out of sorts" for a day but it wil subside.

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