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Thread: Which cookbook should I try?

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    Which cookbook should I try?

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    Everyday Paleo or Marks quick cookbook? I'm picky also I'm trying this for myself first before try it with my husband and kids. Also I'm on limited budget. So I don't need those fancy stuff. Just basics with spices are enough for me. Not sure which one would suit me better without looking inside the books. I'm ordering the book thru using my giftcard. Thanks!


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    Check them out at the library and see if you really like them.

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    We got 'Paleo Comfort Foods' by Julie and Charles Mayfield for Christmas. It has some pretty tasty recipes in it.

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    We have both and I would probably recommend the everyday paleo one.

    Both are very good, but I think the everyday paleo book is a bit more versatile and more suited to family meals. Mark's quick one is good, but it contains a lot of meat and salad variations with a vareity of dressings and seasoning. We've been really impressed with the everyday paleo book and use it a lot.

    Hope that helps!

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    I really like Mark's as well as "Well Fed"
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