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Thread: My Journal - I'm going to do this properly

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    My Journal - I'm going to do this properly

    Hi everyone,

    This is probably quite long, but if I'm going to put my thoughts into words what better place to put them. Before I begin I'll hit you with my raw stats

    Male, 45 from Brisbane Australia.
    6 ft 1 (186cm)
    Jan 2nd 2012 - Start weight 86.1kg (190lbs)
    Bodyfat - 23.1% which equates to 20.0kgs of bodyfat and 66.1kg of lean weight.

    Ok - so I've tried several different diets and eating plans before, with mixed success. I've always been attracted to the Atkins and South Beach low carb diets in the past, but somehow they just didn't seem to have long term attraction. I guess I was just missing something, doing something not quite right.....a missing piece to the puzzle so to speak.

    Although the short term results were good, my eating plan was largely unsatisfying. I couldn't wait to attain a goal and then go back to "normal" eating. The end result is the weight / bodyfat yo-yo so many dieters struggle with.


    A good friend introduced me to THE BOOK on new years eve, which I devoured over the next couple of days.

    This time, armed with THE BOOK, I am going to do it properly.

    I'm probably not the typical example of someone who is looking to start a diet, as in I am not that much overweight, and dont have a great lot of excess fat to lose. I am in the gym 3 times per week for weight training, and run at least 10 km twice a week. What I am after is a lifestyle change. I'm way too into things like chocolate peanuts, ice cream, potato chips and bourbon.

    I suppose I really dont have a specific goal, but initially I would like to get down to about 80kg (176lbs) and 15% bodyfat.

    Start photo is attached.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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