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    I'm just curious as to what people know/think about dulse flakes. I picked up a bag of organic flakes and have been sprinkling it on my salads.

    I have some thyroid issues----I have a nontoxic nodular goiter. My thyroid hormone levels are normal and I don't think I suffer from abnormal thyroid function.

    I use Real Salt sea salt and not the iodized salt.

    Am I doing myself any harm? Any good?

    Thank you!


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    don't know what dulse flakes are. I take thyroid meds since a thyroid op last may and have trouble with weight gain and have recently started taking iodine. I have joined a very helpful yahoo group about iodine where I am learning a lot and would recommend it

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    The best salt to use is Pink Himalayan Salt. Sea Salt is the next best, but it has impurities from pollutants. Refined iodized table salt is the WORST because they use aluminum hydroxide in the refining process (just google it for more info). Even the amount of iodine in table salt is insufficient for our bodies, so it doesn't make much difference.

    I eat the larger dulse leaves. My mom is on thyroid medication, and I'm encouraging her to eat dulse. I like to heat some olive oil in the skillet and toss it around until it gets crispy. Then I cool it and eat it like a chewy potato chip. It's salty flavored and is a wonderful natural source of iodine.

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    Kombu is much higher in iodine than other commercially available seaweeds, I like dulse & others for flavor, but I make sure to throw kombu into soups, broths, and braises.

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    I like kelp flakes sea seasonings. I believe kelp has a pretty high level of iodine. You just need to make sure you get a tested source--seaweeds can have a high level of some toxin (I can't remember which--maybe arsenic?? I could have that wrong...)

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    Use iodized salt that is why they put it in there. Goiters were common before they put iodine in the salt.

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    Recently I started taking 12.5mg a day of Iodoral to boost the iodine in my system. I got the idea from reading Richard Nikoley at I figured by now I'm probably a bit low after avoiding salt for many many years. The result was like coming out of a mental fog...all I can say is it makes me feel good. I've since reduce my dose to 6.25mg a day and everything seems to purring along fine. Plus I've been eating a lot of herring and sardines which probably have a bit of iodine too.

    The reason iodize salt exist is to prevent people from getting goiters.

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