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Thread: you might be primal when.........

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    You might be primal when the goth girl in the grocery store does a double take at your freaky shoes.
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    You might be primal if you've ever found yourself standing in your kitchen gnawing on a stalk of broccoli while you're waiting for your ribeye to cook
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaradel View Post
    You might be primal if... instead of salivating over dessert, you're drooling over the fat on your lovely marbled ribeye.
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    You might be primal if you walk into the work kitchen and get revolted by the smell and sight of all the boxed processed diet foods the peepsm are eating in a vain attempt to loose weight. You sigh, and leave with your big ass salad while everyone is eyeing your fresh avocado and salmon salad with homemade mayo dressing.
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    You might be primal when:

    Your in your mid-50s, take no medication, shun doctors, and are disgusted by people you know your age who do nothing but complain about their health.

    You have not taken antibiotics in over 3 years

    Your SO leaves the room because of your crunching sounds because you are eating the bone ends of a roasted chicken

    Your SO has finally given up on getting you to wear anything other than VFF or go barefoot in public
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    If you're a bachelor and you find yourself at the store buying two packages of bacon instead of just one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_walking_jonny View Post
    You check your cat's food label to make sure the salmon is wild and not farmed.

    You rationalise cheating on your girlfriend as part of the 80/20 rule.

    You can tell someone the exact number of grams of fructose in what their eating.

    Instead of buying your mother a box of chocolates for christmas, you opt to buy her some high quality purified lemon flavoured fish oil tablets.

    You turn down a date with a really hot girl because you think it might increase your cortisol levels too high.

    You give your parents a lecture on the negatives of the 'heart healthy' margerine they just bought.

    You scoff at your friends idea to take part in attempting an annual fun run because you don't believe in 'chronic cardio'.

    You dream date is a lactose intolerant celiac.

    You consider polygamy as a way too boost your primal cred.

    You force yourself to enjoy fishing and the taste of fish.

    Your friends no longer ask you for advice on anything because 99% of the time your solution is to increase dietary fat intake and get the Vitamin d levels checked.

    You sir, are hilarious.

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    You might be primal if... You no longer get excited about the refreshments after events!

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    You might be primal if . . . your compost pile has so many eggshells, cauliflower cores, woody asparagus-ends, and outer cabbage leaves that you have run out of dry leaves to cover with and are thinking of buying a straw bale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalSexyCat View Post
    You get a brand new Droid phone and while you are standing in the Sprint store the very first app you download is the primal feed! LOL I LOVE IT I'M HOOKED.
    Oh my gosh..downloaded this to my kindle. Cool as hell app!!

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