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Thread: Asians on Primal

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    Vietnamese here. Born in VN, emigrated here as a child. Primal is not a problem for me because I've never been a big rice or bread eater. I grew up with very fresh foods, we had no refrigeration so market day was daily. Nothing processed passed my body on a daily basis until I came to the US. I've always been very slim, whereas my US-born sister grew up on frozen and processed foods and has weighed more than me since she was 10. (until post-college when I started going to the gym, my weight fluctuated around 90-105).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Groktimus Prime View Post
    Filipino here! I've used Miracle Rice for a little while until I no longer missed white or brown rice altogether, and I've been much better for it. People proclaim to be addicted to rice, but I know of very few people who would eat it by itself--i.e. no condiments, butter, seasonings, or mixing with other foods.
    Are you kidding? I could eat cups and cups of sticky rice. SO GOOD.

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