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    For me...I became obese simply by not caring but living for right now. IE: We're camping so it's ok to indulge in excess beer, chips, tacos, etc. Or, living with 2 others who cooked large heavy starchy foods every night and eating that and drinking and then sleeping. All without any exercise.

    A few yrs ago, I lost about 40lbs by eating CW, lifting, running. Got injured and have put it all back on.

    Now, I am an on again off again PB'er...meaning I start, stop, start, crash, start again. Lack of discipline is my reason. As is living for right now...'it's your birthday or it's my birthday'. Its 'some' event.

    I lack the discipline even though I really love how I feel when I go a week to two by following PB w/little slack. I absolutely LOVE IT!

    I do not like being fat.

    Reading everyone's posts has been enlightening. And encouraging me to stick with it...even though I crashed again last night.

    Today's a new day? Right on!

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

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    look how long it takes drug addicts or alcoholics to become rehabilitated. Just because people are eating bad and not working out doesn't mean they don't care. Have you tried to loose 100lbs? it is hard. It takes a long time and when you look in the mirror you are not seeing immediate results, you wonder if it works at all.

    I admit, some people just give up and thin what is the use. But I believe it is more of the thing that Griff was talking about. There are options out there that many obese people do not even know about.

    Lets face it, Main Stream America tells us to eat low fat, yadda yadda. Says to exercise 3x a week, etc. But when an Obese person does go low carb, they are often ridiculed for doing so as being, yet again, lazy!

    I know that carbs are the main reason for Obesity as does most people here. You are still not getting it. Obese people DO NOT want to be Obese. They are not lazy, they are not stupid. Put 150lb back pack on and go run 5 miles. If you can not do it, you must be lazy or stupid, right?

    We are the exception only because we now know the truth. The other people are just mis informed.

    I am not saying all this as an excuse to my obesity (just in case you may thought that) I am 5'10" 225lbs. 16.5" biceps, 13" forearms, 26" thigh, 17.5" calf and a 36" waist. Clinically I fall in the "obese" category though and I do struggle with my weight and until I found about how I am insulin resistant and that I simply can not process carbs- felt hopeless, as do most of the people who are obese.

    So even though you say you now know, you really don't.

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    @robmedina: It's really odd what some people consider "obese." Your current stats are below my goals (220-240 pounds and a 40" waist). I'm sure the thought of being the size I want to be would make arthur puke... but then again, I find "ripped" to be unnatural-looking and a turnoff, so to each their own, I suppose.

    I've been feeling more and more discouraged, reading this thread, because so many people continue to spout the CW mantra about fat people and I'm so tired of it. We know the science, and we've seen the culture - anyone who still says "no, it's a choice/individual fault" needs to wake up and smell the coffee, as SerialSinner said.

    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    I'm very glad addiction and insulin resistance has been brought up.

    Carbs are definitely addictive. They do the same thing in the brain as opiates do. It's very hard to stop. I've talked to one person who was addicted to opiates and carbs at different points in his life. He said the carbs were harder to quit. I know it was really hard for me to quit carbs. If I even have a little bit, like a few chocolates at holiday time, it's really, really hard not to eat more. I have to look at carbs & sugar like my recovering alcoholic brother looks at alcohol. Just can't have it.

    Insulin resistance sometimes takes a long time to become a problem. It may be very easy to loose weight when you're young as you're not too insulin resistant but harder as you get older and become more insulin resistance. Pregnancy also tends to set IR off as well. It raises the IR because women need to put on fat (breastfeeding takes tons of calories). This all makes it harder to loose weight with CW as you get older (or go through pregnancy) and much easier to gain it back. Being overweight is just not a simple thing.

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    Physiology & no-fault or psychology & at-fault...

    Maybe it's a false dichotomy.

    Could it possibly be that BOTH play roles, to different extents in different individuals?

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    or smell the bacon... mmmm... bacon.

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    Speaking of bacon, try being a fat person in a grocery store, with a cart full of meat, eggs (LOTS of eggs), coconut oil, etc. and see if you don't get some dirty looks. :\ If i told any of those people i thought this stuff might really *help* me lose weight, they'd think i was insane.

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    I used to travel quite often for business and I really do feel for larger (not just fat) people who simply do not fit in the sardine cans that pass as airplane seats. I also understand that running an airline is a business, one that hasn't been very profitable lately. I was sitting next to a big and tall man who bought 2 seats but because of his height, the man sitting in front of him couldn't put his seat back. He started trying to force it as the man next to me winced in pain, and he didn't seem to care. Finally I just offered to switch seats with him and he accepted. I wasn't able to put my seat back but it was a small price to pay.

    I've also sat next to big muscular men whose bottom may fit fine in the seat but their shoulders certainly didn't. Because the flight was full I had no choice but to sit at an angle the whole flight which did wonders for my back.

    I'm not sure what the answer is, maybe seat assignments should be more flexible so flight attendants can put a small person next to a big person. Passengers can also take a stand and offer to switch seats if you see someone who is obviously not comfortable. I do think that if a flight is not full, then nobody should be charged extra though.

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    I'm more and more discouraged by this thread too. I'm a Southpark fan and various responses are reminding me a lot of the "Smug Alert!" episode. Next thing you know, normal sized people are going to start writing citations to all the "irresponsible" fat people that dare to cross their paths.

    There's definitely a dehumanization that takes place in society regarding fat people (same with race, sexual orientation, sometimes gender, etc). The point is, we are human and just as deserving of respect and dignity as the next person. The devaluing of people, for any reason, is my issue here. Fat people are not less worthy of respect and dignity, no matter the reasons for their weight.

    On a side, the Southpark Smug Alert! episode is hilarious and definitely recommended.

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    @Hippie-Mama, that's funny. I was in the store last night, and I was the only one in line without gobs of bread in my basket!

    Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
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