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Thread: Trans fat in my coconut oil

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    Ordinarily I am SOOOO good about reading labels. I didn't think when buying coconut oil I would have to be that picky. So I bought it last week and figured I'd try it out. But this morning while waiting for my pan to get hot, I took a look just to see. To my surprise, it has 0.5g of trans fat per serving. So I've been consuming about 2-3 grams per day for almost a week.

    Here's the label:


    Nutrition Data:

    Ingredients: *uggh, why didn't I see this

    Unfortunately it was the only one to choose from otherwise I probably would have looked more closely. I'm heading to the health store tomorrow so I'll pick up some REAL coconut oil then. I've since learned that coconut oil is supposed to look more like olive oil and actually have some flavor.

    It actually feels really gross to know I have that junk in my system. Let's hope I never make that mistake again.

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    Sucks to realize how insidious that stuff is. And now it worries me about my own, since it doesnt taste like anything, doesn't smell, and is hard at room temperature.

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    Meep! Good catch. At least you're not eating it by the tablespoon.

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    Ahh, the real kicker was the third photo.

    Refined, bleached, deodorised = ick. What a shame

    Just curious, what did it smell like? Did it have a coconutty aroma, or did it kind of smell like... nothing?

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    This is as bad as the jar of Ghee I almost bought which listed ingredients as, "Clarified Butter, and 'Natural Ghee Flavoring'".


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    There's nothing wrong with "refined, bleached" oil, it's the norm in the world. And it has NOTHING to do with trans fats, I'm reasonably certain. "Refined" and "bleached" are not ingredients.

    Refined CO does better at higher temps. It's refined and bleached by extreme filtering, that's all, and perhaps some steam.

    Transfats in oils (other than a very small amount of natural transfats, even found in meat)is an intentional process whereby a nickel catalyst, heat, and other methods change a portion of the molecules so that the "oil" is more solid. Margarine is the standby example, although they now do it w/o transfats.

    Food labeling is not as exact as we would like to believe. Companies copy each other's or just use the FDA ones for their own w/o testing of their own products, especially small companies.

    Even if that label is correct, 2-3 GRAMS of transfat in a week isn't squat. It's 1/10 of an ounce. It's not only WHAT it's HOW MUCH.

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    @allie, It didn't have any flavor. That was my first clue something was off, since I heard people talking on this forum about how much they love their coconut oil.

    @OnTheBayou, Thanks for the info. That makes me feel a little bit more comfortable. I'll still try to double-check from now on.

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