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Thread: Side dish help

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    Side dish help

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    I'm making the primal chili tonight and i need help coming up with a good side dish or 2. Anyone out there have any ideas of some good primal options that would go well with it?

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    Cut up some red peppers, celery, carrots and serve them with guacamole

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    We had chili on Sunday, just beef, pork, onions, toms and seasoning. It was great, I thought the family would freak out about not having cornbread, but they did not.
    I served a small dish of blueberries and plain greek yogurt on the side. We topped the chili with green onions and chopped avacado, and it was a perfect meal

    The next day I had some chili warmed up and topped with 2 fried eggs......another fabulous meal
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