Hi There,

My weight management story is probably fairly typical. I've always been a little bit overweight, gained some major weight with my first pregnancy, lost the weight with low fat dieting (sparkpeople) before getting pregnant the second time. Post second pregnancy, never seemed to be able to lose back to my lowest weight. Then I thought exercise would be the ticket and started working out with a trainer, first one time a week with 4 days of 3 miles walk to work and yoga in addition, and then when I didn't lose weight but GAINED 10 lbs on a CW diet, went to 2 work out sessions a week. I saw at the same time a colleague of mine adopt a Paleo way of eating. She encouraged me to try it. I went out of town on business and severely decreased my carbs and after only 5 days away, my trainer immediately saw a difference. I hit the internet, and found videos by Taubes, Eenfeldt, Sisson and went completely grain free, low carb, high fat since mid October, 2011. My weight at that time was 188 lbs, 5'8". (40 years old)

The weight fell off very quickly at first and then plateaued. In fact, I haven't lost past the initial 13 lbs weight loss that was there within 6 weeks of starting. But my shape has completely changed. I cannot wear the made to measure skirt that I had started in November, it falls off me. My trainer has measured me on the last workout of the month since October and I'm down 2 inches in my hips. I have posted a success story Before and After Pic which can be found here:
The responses to those pics are a little overwhelming, but they make me smile when I think about them.

I have been joined in this LCHF by my husband, who has lost 12 lbs, and is down 2 pants sizes. We have 2 boys who are a little baffled why we don't eat bread anymore. They eat 60/40, including having more fruit than us, occasional pasta noodles when we have eggplant and pasta sauce, and of course out of the house they eat more carbs than us.

Just after adopting this WOE I went out to dinner with some physician friends of mine. When I explained what I was doing, they pulled out their phones and looked up current guidelines that they are told to tell their own patients regarding the "Atkins" diet. Of course they told me I was crazy. I've gotten a little obsessed with the science myself, reading all the links/blogs/articles around LCHF.

People ask how long I will be doing this and my response is forever. A member of the family was diagnosed with angina and had angioplasty and stent placement during the last 2 months. This person has now gone to the dietician to learn what to eat after being diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Of course this is opposite to what I am doing. Each of us thinks the other is harming their own health with what they are consuming.

Here's my day today:
Breakfast Greek, 10% yogurt with coconut butter, macadamia nuts and black berries. small glass 1% milk
Post work out snack-1/4 roasted sweet potato, 1 piece chocolate macadamia nut bacon bark
Lunch BAS with salami, cheese, avocado, macadamia nut oil, balsalmic vinegar
Snack coconut oil, cocoa shredded, coconut mixin-not that good
Dinner Salmon with creamy dill sauce, chicken with skin in coconut milk sauce, brussel sprouts, tea with milk

I worked out with my trainer, cardio warm up 5 mins, core plank, high intensity intervals 3 X 5 moves, kick boxing cardio to finish, then stretching

Slept 10 hours last night after 300 mg Magnesium and 3 mg Melatonin--I've recently discovered that my middle of the night insomnia is much less with these two supplements at night.

Supplemented fish oil X2 and Vitamin D 5000u

Thanks for reading,